FAQ: What District Am I In Florida For Voting?

What district is Fort Myers in?

Florida’s 19th congressional district is a U.S. congressional district in Southwest Florida. It includes Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples and Marco Island.

What district is Gainesville FL?

Florida’s 3rd congressional district
Florida’s 3rd congressional district – since January 3, 2017.
Representative Kat Cammack R–Gainesville
Area 3,844 sq mi (9,960 km2)
Distribution 71.27% urban 28.73% rural

What district is Orange County Florida?

Orange County, Florida

Orange County
Time zone UTC−5 (Eastern)
• Summer (DST) UTC−4 (EDT)
Congressional districts 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th
Website www.orangecountyfl.net


What district is Wellington Florida?

Florida’s 21st congressional district
Area 352 sq mi (910 km2)
Distribution 99.44% urban 0.56% rural
Population (2019) 786,566
Median household income $65,394

Who is Brian Donalds?

Brooklyn, New York City, U.S. Byron Lowell Donalds (born October 28, 1978) is an American politician and businessman serving as the U.S. Representative for Florida’s 19th congressional district since 2021. He and Burgess Owens are the two current African-American House Representatives from the Republican Party.

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How far is Gainesville FL from the beach?

Flagler Beach Flagler Beach is about an hour and forty-five minutes away from Gainesville. The seven-mile stretch of beach means that there is more than enough room for locals and visitors to spread out.

Is Gainesville FL boring?

Gainesville is a little boring but in a nice quiet way. IT IS NOT FOR YOUNG SINGLES! There really isnt too much to do here and the job market stinks. Far as not being a family friendly, I have two young children and there are young families everywhere.

What is Gainesville FL famous for?

Known for its preservation of historic buildings and the beauty of its natural surroundings, Gainesville’s numerous parks, museums and lakes provide entertainment to thousands of visitors. Because of its beautiful landscape and urban “forest,” Gainesville is one of the most attractive cities in Florida.

Who is the Orange County representative?

Congresswoman Katie Porter represents the 45th Congressional District in Orange County, California.

Which Orange County came first?

What is now Orange County was simply the southern end of Los Angeles County. It took nearly 20 years of struggle before Orange County was born in 1889. The story begins in 1869, in Anaheim. The 12-year-old community began a dual drive to incorporate as a city, and to form its own county —Anaheim County.

What school district is Orlando Florida?

Orange County Public Schools
445 West Amelia Street Orlando, Florida, 32801-1129 United States
District information
Type Public school district
Superintendent Barbara M. Jenkins (since 2012)

How far is Wellington FL from the beach?

Weather and Location. Wellington is in the western part of Palm Beach County in Florida, with good access to the Florida Turnpike. Visitors can easily fly in through Palm Beach International Airport. A mere 15 miles away are the beaches and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Is Wellington Florida wealthy?

This relatively unknown town in Florida has become a playground for the richest of the rich. Every winter, the small town of Wellington, in southeast Florida, experiences a tremendous influx of some of the wealthiest people in the world.

What part of Florida is Mar a Lago?


Location 1100 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Coordinates 26°40′37″N 80°02′13″WCoordinates: 26°40′37″N 80°02′13″W
Area 62,500 sq ft (5,810 m2)
Built 1924–1927
Significant dates


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