How To Vote For Dancing With The Stars Online Voting?

How do you vote for DWTS?

There are two ways to vote for your favorite DWTS couple: online or by text message. To vote online, make an account on and submit your votes by selecting your favorite couple or couples.

How does voting work on Dancing With The Stars 2020?

The voting system is based on the international format for Dancing with the Stars, in which 50% of the judges’ vote and 50% of the public’s vote give the final result. If a celebrity is still in the show after the judges have issued them a low score, it means they have received a large amount of votes from the public.

What time can you vote for Dancing with the Stars?

Voting opens as soon as the final four couples have completed the first of their two dances on the live broadcast and closes at the last commercial break. Either way, you ‘ll have to be fast. The window for voting opens as soon as the live “ Dancing with the Stars ” finale begins at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT.

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Why can’t I vote for DWTS?

Unfortunately, due to the new nature of the elimination process, those in the Mountain and Pacific time zones will not be able to vote as the show is broadcast in their areas.

How do you vote for DWTS by phone?

It’s simple to send an SMS message to Dancing With the Stars. All you have to do is text your favorite celebrity’s first name in all capital letters to the number 21523. For example, if you wanted to vote for Nev Schulman, you’d type “NEV” and send to the aforementioned number.

Who will be on Dancing with the Stars 2020?


Celebrity Notability (known for) Status
Justina Machado Film & television actress Fourth place on November 23, 2020
Nelly Rapper & singer Third place on November 23, 2020
Nev Schulman Catfish host & producer Runners-up on November 23, 2020
Kaitlyn Bristowe The Bachelorette star Winners on November 23, 2020


How much do judges scores count on dancing with the stars?

Scoring and voting procedure Each judge gives a numeric score from one to 10, for a total score of three to 30. The scoring was altered for the “all-star” season 15, during which judges could give scores at 1/2-point intervals from 0.5 to 10, for a total score of 1.5 to 30.

Can you vote for more than one person on Dancing with the Stars?

Fans can submit up to 10 votes per couple per voting method for a total of 20 votes per couple across SMS text and online. You can vote for multiple couples and voting online allows you to reallocate votes during open voting. When texting your vote in, it’s the first name of the celebrity to 21523.

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Can West Coast vote on Dancing with the Stars 2020?

Voting begins at the beginning of the show, with a separate number and hashtag for each couple. Plus, the West Coast can ‘t even vote when the show is airing on the West Coast! If West Coasters want to vote, they have to vote for dances they don’t get to watch for another three hours!

Is Dancing with the Stars on tonight 2020?

Dancing With the Stars will air Monday nights live on ABC from 8 to 10 p.m. ET.

How do West Coast viewers vote on DWTS?

First off, DWTS viewers can now only vote during the live broadcast via or SMS text. In other words, voting starts at 8 p.m. ET and ends during the last commercial break of the live show.

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