Often asked: What Is Voting Disk In Oracle 11g Rac?

Where is my voting disc RAC?

To identify the voting disk location:- [[email protected] ~]$ crsctl query css votedisk ## STATE File Universal Id File Name Disk group — —– —————– ——— ——— 1. ONLINE b4a7f383bb414f7ebf6aaae7c3873401 (/dev/oracleasm/ disks /ASMDISK1) [DATA] Located 1 voting disk (s).

What is OCR disk in Oracle RAC?

The voting disk is a file that manages information about node membership, and the OCR is a file that manages cluster and Oracle RAC database configuration information. When you use normal redundancy, Oracle Clusterware automatically maintains two copies of the OCR file and three copies of the voting disk file.

How do you add a voting disk to RAC?

Create New diskgroup(CRS) with suitable redundancy for OCR and Voting files. Ensure that the new diskgroup is mounted on all cluster nodes. Move OCR and Vote file from [Current diskgroup] to [CRS]. Change ASM SPFILE location from [current diskgroup] to [CRS] Diskgroup.

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How do I restore my RAC voting disc?

Restore the voting disk

  1. Step 1: Disable the CRS automatic start service.
  2. Step 2: Restart the node.
  3. Step 3: Verify that the CSR service did not start.
  4. Step 4: Clear the header of the voting disk.
  5. Step 5: Start the cluster.
  6. Step 6: Start the ASM with a PFILE.
  7. Step 7: Create a disk group.

What is the use of voting disk in RAC?

Voting Disks in Oracle RAC Description Voting disk is a file that manages information about node membership.It is located on the shared cluster system or a shared raw device file or Oracle ASM(11gr2 onwards). Its primary purpose is to help in a situation where the private network communication fails.

What is node eviction in RAC?

A node eviction is done when a heartbeat indicates that a node is not responding, and the evicted node is re-started so that it can continue to partiipate in the cluster. Reason for RAC node evictions. There are many reasons for a RAC node eviction.

What is the maximum count of OCR files in cluster?

You can have up to five OCR locations. However, each successive run must point to a different disk group.

What is OLR and OCR in RAC?

ORACLE LOCAL REGISTRY ( OLR ) contains node-specific information required by OHASD. Every node has its own dedicated OLR file.(not shared between the nodes). As OCRs files are present in ASM diskgroup, While starting the CRS, it wont be able to Access OCR file to find the cluster resource information.

How do I check my OCR?

OCR integrity check passed Verification of OCR integrity was successful. Step 1:- Stop cluster on each node (as Root user). Oracle Cluster Registry in RAC ( OCR )

  1. cluster database instance to node mapping.
  2. cluster node list.
  3. CRS application resource profiles.
  4. Local listener & scan listener.
  5. VIP, Scan IP & Services.
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How do I find my master node in RAC?

Identify Master node in RAC cluster

  1. Grep occsd Log file. [oracle @ tadrac1]: /u1/app/../cssd >grep -i “ master node ” ocssd.log | tail -1.
  2. Grep crsd log file. [oracle @ tadrac1]: /u1/app/../crsd>grep MASTER crsd.log | tail -1.
  3. Query V$GES_RESOURCE view.
  4. ocrconfig -showbackup. The node that store OCR backups is the master node.

Why does Oracle RAC have odd number voting disk?

The reason for the odd number of voting disks is to solve the “split-brain” problem. The split-brain problem occurs when the cluster interconnect goes down and each node cannot obtain a heartbeat from the other nodes.

How do I backup my voting disk?

How to Backup Clusterware OCR and Voting Disk

  1. OCR Dumps. Oracle provides an utility ocrconfig to export OCR data to a dump file like this:
  2. OCR Backups. Since 11g (11.1), the clusterware backs up OCR automatically every 4 hours by Cluster Ready Services Daemon (CRSD).
  3. Use dd Command.
  4. Rely on OCR Backups.

What will you do if OCR is corrupted?

Below procedure can be used for recovery.

  1. Execute rootdelete.sh script from All Nodes.
  2. Execute rootdeinstall.sh from Primary Node.
  3. Run root.sh from Primary node.
  4. Run root.sh from all remaining nodes.
  5. Execute remaining configurations (ONS,netca,register required resources)

How do you recover from OCR?

Connect to ASM instance and set ASM parameter asm_diskstring. Create REDO disk group using the metadata backup script we created earlier. Copy SQL commands, which are related to REDO disk group from backup script, connect to ASM instance, then run the commands. Restore the OCR from backup done before.

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How do I run a Crsctl command?

You can use the following commands in either the Oracle RAC or the Oracle Restart environments:

  1. crsctl add resource.
  2. crsctl add type.
  3. crsctl check css.
  4. crsctl delete resource.
  5. crsctl delete type.
  6. crsctl get hostname.
  7. crsctl getperm resource.
  8. crsctl getperm type.

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