Often asked: Who Is Bill Clinton Voting For?

Did Bill Clinton win the popular vote in 1996?

On election day, President Clinton won a decisive victory over Dole, becoming the first Democrat to win two consecutive presidential elections since Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936, 1940, and 1944. In the popular vote, he out-polled Dole by over 8.2 million votes.

Did Bill Clinton win the popular vote in 1992?

Clinton won a plurality in the popular vote and a majority of the electoral vote, breaking a streak of three straight Republican victories. Perot won 18.9% of the popular vote, the highest share of the vote won by a candidate outside of the two major parties since 1912.

Who is Clinton running against?

Clinton, a Democrat from Arkansas, took office following a decisive victory over Republican incumbent president George H. W. Bush and Independent Party businessman Ross Perot in the 1992 presidential election.

What percentage of the popular vote did Obama get?

The campaign was marked by a sharp rise in fundraising, including from nominally independent Super PACs. Obama defeated Romney, winning a majority of both the Electoral College and the popular vote. Obama won 332 electoral votes and 51.1% of the popular vote compared to Romney’s 206 electoral votes and 47.3%.

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Who ran against Bill Clinton in his first term?

Clinton was elected president in 1992, defeating incumbent Republican President George H. W. Bush. At age 46, he became the third-youngest president in history.

What percent of the popular vote did Bill Clinton get?

Presidential elections (1992–1996)

Presidential candidate Party Popular vote
William Jefferson Clinton Democratic 43.01%
George Herbert Walker Bush (Incumbent) Republican 37.45%
Henry Ross Perot Independent 18.91%

Why did George Bush lose to Bill Clinton?

Bush lost the 1992 presidential election to Democrat Bill Clinton following an economic recession and the decreased emphasis of foreign policy in a post–Cold War political climate.

Did Bill Clinton win Georgia in 1996?

Voters chose 13 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president. Georgia was won by Senator Bob Dole (R-KS) by a narrow 1.2% margin. Georgia was one of three states won by Clinton in 1992 that Bob Dole was able to flip, the others being Montana and Colorado.

Did Bill Clinton win Texas 1992?

Texas was won by incumbent President George H. W. Bush (R-Texas) with 40.56% of the popular vote over Governor Bill Clinton (D-Arkansas) with 37.08%. Businessman Ross Perot (I-Texas) finished in third, with 22.01% of the popular vote. Clinton ultimately won the national vote, defeating incumbent President Bush.

Who ran for president in 2004?

2004 United States presidential election

Nominee George W. Bush John Kerry
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Texas Massachusetts
Running mate Dick Cheney John Edwards
Electoral vote 286 251
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Who went against Obama in 2008?

2008 United States presidential election

Nominee Barack Obama John McCain
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Illinois Arizona
Running mate Joe Biden Sarah Palin
Electoral vote 365 173

Has Congress ever decided the president?

On the date, the House of Representatives elected Secretary of State John Quincy Adams as President. Following an inconclusive Electoral College result, the House performed the constitutionally prescribed role of deciding the 1824 presidential election.

Who opposed Obama in 2012?

Along with his running mate, Vice President Joe Biden, Barack Obama was opposed in the general election by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, along with various minor candidates from other parties. The election took place on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

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