Question: How To Set Up Voting Minecraft?

How do you set up a vote in Minecraft?

How to set up Voting on your Minecraft Server

  1. First head over to the Open ports tab on your control panel.
  2. Select any port that is of the type CUSTOM.
  3. Now return to your SMpicnic Control Panel and enter your File Manager.
  4. Navigate and enter the Votifier folder (If you do not see this you may need to restart your server to generate the folder).

How do I set up Votifier spigot?

To set up votifier on your spigot server, just follow these steps. First, download the latest version of NuVotifier and upload it to the plugins director of your server. Then, open your plugins folder under which a folder named Votifier should be created. Inside the Votifier folder, there will be a config.

How do I vote for a server?

How do I vote for a server? Visit the page of the server you wish to vote for and click the green vote button. You will then be required to enter your Minecraft username and complete a Captcha.

How do I set up VoteParty?


  1. Stop your server.
  2. Put the VoteParty jar file that you downloaded into your plugins folder.
  3. Download the PlaceholderAPI dependency.
  4. Download the NuVotifier dependency.
  5. Start your server.
  6. Modify the config.
  7. Download the PlaceholderAPI Player Expansion (/papi ecloud download Player)
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What is a Votifier public key?

The votifier address is your server address, and the port is what you have in your votifier configuration. The public key can be attained by going into /plugins/ votifier /rsa/ public. key. Open that file in your multicraft FTP Browser and copy the whole contents of public.

Where is my Votifier port?

How do I set up Votifier for my server?

  1. Log onto your FTP File Access via Multicraft.
  2. Navigate to the folder: /plugins/ Votifier /
  3. Find the file “config.
  4. Locate and change the “ port ” from 8192 to any 4 digit number between 8000-9000.
  5. Once you have changed the value of the port from 8192, click the “Save” bottom of the text editor.

How do you test Votifier?

How do I test if my Votifier is setup correctly? MCServerTime’s votifier tester supports Votifier v1 AND Votifier v2. Simply fill out the ” Votifier IP/Host”, ” Votifier Port” and ” Votifier Public Key” fields below, along with a test dummy Minecraft username and click “Submit” to ping a test vote to the Minecraft server.

What is Votifier token?

The votifier token is for the NuVotifier plugin. If you aren’t using NuVotifier you shouldn’t need one.

What is a Votifier?

Votifier is a CraftBukkit plugin that allows you to reward players when they vote for your server on a server website. Installing it is similar to installing any other CraftBukkit plugin. There is some additional configuration to enable it to work properly with our system.

How do I port forward my Shockbyte?

Log into the Multicraft panel (https://mc. If you have more one server, select the server which you want to create additional ports for. On the left sidebar, navigate to Advanced > Additional Ports. On the Additional Ports page, click Add Port.

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