Quick Answer: Which Type Of Poll Is Conducted As Voters Are Leaving The Voting Booth?

Which poll is conducted on Election Day right after voters leave their polling places quizlet?

An exit poll is one that is performed as people leave their voting places on Election Day.

What was wrong with the 1936 Literary Digest poll quizlet?

What was wrong with the 1936 Literary Digest poll conducted during the presidential campaign? Internet polling may be biased against older and poor Americans who are less likely to have Internet access.

What makes a poll accurate quizlet?

What determines a polls accuracy? Each unit must have and equal opportunity to be sampled. Many things make a poll inaccurate; limited respondent options, lack of information, difficult measuring intensity, lack of interest in political issues.

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Which term refers to the extent to which people believe their actions affect the course of government?

Which term refers to the extent to which people believe their actions affect the course of government? efficacy. Which of the following best defines political trust? the extent to which people believe the government acts in their best interests.

What is the most rigorous sampling technique?

What is the most rigorous sampling technique? Stratified. You just studied 25 terms!

Are based on interviews with randomly selected voters conducted at polling places on Election Day?

Exit polling traditionally involves interviews with a randomly selected sample of voters conducted as those voters leave their polling places.

What happened with the Literary Digest poll in 1936?

In 1936, the poll concluded that the Republican candidate, Governor Alfred Landon of Kansas, was likely to be the overwhelming winner. In November, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt won 46 states, while Landon only won Maine and Vermont; Roosevelt also won the popular vote by 24.26%.

Why did the Literary Digest miss the current outcome in 1936 quizlet?

Terms in this set (10) Which of the following was not a reason why the Literary Digest predicted the 1936 presidential election incorrectly? The size of the sample was too big so that the margin of error in the poll was not precise. The ballots were sent out too early and failed to capture any late-breaking trends.

What magazine used polling to predict presidential elections and predicted the wrong winner in 1936 quizlet?

Literary Digest began national presidential polling in 1916, it used straw poll and correctly predicted the victory of Woodrow Wilson. A subset of the whole population selected to be questioned for the purposes of prediction of gauging opinion. Ex. The Literary Digest made a fatal error in sampling in 1936.

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Why is push polling unreliable quizlet?

are often conducted by candidates running for office. These polls intend to stray voters away from voting for their opponents by using inflammatory questions. This type of polling is wildly inaccurate because the people that these polls attract are strongly opinionated, making the poll inaccurate.

What factors can affect the accuracy of poll results quizlet?

The bigger and more random or diverse the poll is, the more accurate the poll tends to be (the less of a sampling error). However, these polls can be affected by the following factors: the size and diversity, the questions themselves (because they can be biased or unbiased), and the demographic measured.

Which of the following is a concern of polls conducted by in person interviews?

Name a concern of polls conducted by “in-person ” interviews? The interviewer could influence the answers.

What are the biggest factors in shaping a person’s political views?

Education, gender, occupation, family, etc. Some of them. The “family”, one of these factors, is the most important institution in which all social and political processes are inherited since the birth of the individual. A lot of research reveals that the family of an individual adopts and maintains political attitude.

What is the idea of limited government?

In political philosophy, limited government is the concept of a government limited in power. It is a key concept in the history of liberalism.

What are the main factors that affect political socialization?

Agents of socialization, sometimes referred to as institutions, work together to influence and shape people’s political and economic norms and values. Such institutions include, but are not limited to: families, media, peers, schools, religions, work and legal systems.

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