Readers ask: Who Is Voting For Bernie Sanders?

Who runs Bernie’s campaign?

On July 2, Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir announced to reporters that the campaign had raised $18 million in the second quarter of 2019 in addition to having transferred an additional $6 million from other campaign accounts.

Who ran for the Democratic nomination in 2016?

2016 Democratic Party presidential candidates

Candidate Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders
Home state New York Vermont
Delegate count 2,842 1,865
Contests won 34 23
Popular vote 16,917,853 13,210,550

What states did Bernie win 2016?

The race turned out to be more competitive than expected, with Sanders decisively winning New Hampshire, while Clinton subsequently won Nevada and won a landslide victory in South Carolina.

Is Bernie a socialist?

The political positions of Bernie Sanders are reflected by his United States Senate voting record, public speeches, and interviews. He is a self-described democratic socialist.

What did Bernie run in 2016?

Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign

Bernie Sanders for President
Campaign 2016 United States presidential election
Candidate Bernie Sanders U.S. Senator from Vermont (2007–present)
Affiliation Democratic Party (previously served as an Independent in Senate)

Who ran against GWB in 2004?

2004 United States presidential election

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Nominee George W. Bush John Kerry
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Texas Massachusetts
Running mate Dick Cheney John Edwards
Electoral vote 286 251

Who ran against Obama second term?

Obama sought re-election for a second term in 2012, running virtually unopposed in the Democratic primaries. His opponent in the general election was former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. Obama won 332 electoral votes, defeating Romney who gained 206.

Who ran for president in 2008?

2008 United States presidential election

Nominee Barack Obama John McCain
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Illinois Arizona
Running mate Joe Biden Sarah Palin
Electoral vote 365 173

What’s bad about socialism?

Thus, Socialism can have several disadvantages: Socialism Some of the primary criticisms of socialism are claims that it creates distorted or absent price signals, results in reduced incentives, causes reduced prosperity, has low feasibility, and that it has negative social and political effects.

Do Socialists believe in private property?

Private property thus is an important part of capitalization within the economy. Socialist economists are critical of private property as socialism aims to substitute private property in the means of production for social ownership or public property.

What happens in a socialist country?

A socialist country is a sovereign state in which everyone in society equally owns the factors of production. The four factors of production are labor, capital goods, natural resources and entrepreneurship. In a socialist country, people account for individual needs and social needs.

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